Album: Ceu, Ceu (Six Degrees)

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Since Bebel Gilberto's 'Tanto Tempo', it's clear that the slack tempi and comatose-sounding female vocalists of what used to be called trip-hop have colonised Brazil.

After Bebel and Cibelle comes the singer, lyricist and co-composer Ceu, who on this re-branded debut produced by Sao Paulo's Beto Villares makes an impeccably distressed impression with a suitably summerish vibe. There's a so-so version of the Wailers' "Concrete Jungle", but the 13 original songs are crafted with a real ear for sonic detail, as on the jazzy 'Veu da Noite'. That's if you don't think trip-hop sounds terminally past-it already.

Pick of the Album: '10 Contados': Gentle, acoustic trance-pop with burbly bits

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