Album: Cocoon, Where the Oceans End (Sober & Gentle)

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The French duo Cocoon bring the softest of touches to bear with their folksy harmonies on Where the Oceans End, a maritime-themed collection in which their affinity for aquatic mammals is displayed in songs addressed to dolphins, whales, sea lions and most quaintly, "Baby Seal", the pup perhaps evoked by the quiet wisps of theremin or bowed saw that peek out from behind the strings.

There's something of the manner of fairytales about Cocoon's worldview, with a childlike extremity to the expression of emotions: in "Comets", they sing of wanting to be "a comet, to crash at your feet, just to be remembered", while "Super Powers" presents a charming fantasy of becoming a protector, first as a shepherd warding off wolves with fire, then as a more powerful saviour figure.

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