Album: Correatown, Pleiades (Highline)


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This fifth outing from LA songwriter Angela Correa's Correatown was crowd-funded through, pledge rewards ranging from a hand-drawn e-card to private performances.

In which case, thanks to her faithful for enabling the rest of us to enjoy Correa's gauzy, melodic dream-pop, which on tracks like "Valparaiso" and "Further" resembles a less opiated Mazzy Star. Correa's sun-kissed West Coast harmonies are the main hook, while her lyrics reflect a beaming Californian optimism to change, love and innocent exploration: as she sings in "Isomer", it's "better to be open to the thought that you might change". But why is someone who regularly gets songs placed on hip TV shows like Ugly Betty still having to crowd-fund her work?

Download: Valparaiso; Further; Shine Right Through