Album: De La Soul's Plug1 & Plug2, Present First Serve ([PIAS])


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There's plenty to enjoy about this first release in ages from the De La Soul camp, concerning the rise and fall of a wannabe rap duo from Queens.

The story arc takes the pair, played by DLS's Dave and Pos, from fantasising in mom's basement, through brief success at a dubious record label, the inevitable falling-out, their split, and eventual reconciliation. It's not the greatest story ever told – the depth of insight runs to little more than "Friends – how many have them? How long before they split like atoms?" – but the overall warmth is engaging, as is the classic production style involving samples of symphonic soul strings and organ-based blues grooves on tracks such as "Must B the Music" and "The Book of Life". A teasing taster for the new De La Soul album proper, expected later this year.

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