Album: Delilah From the Roots Up (Atlantic)


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Best known for her work with Chase & Status, Delilah's impressive solo debut displays a versatile, inventive attitude that sets her apart from more routine R&B divas.

The album's success is partly due to the way she employs dubstep production talent like Syience, Balistiq and LV without losing emotional focus. Opener "Never Be Another" is typical, blending Delilah's emotive vocal with fluting synth figure and handclap beat. Elsewhere, the looming synths, strings and probing basslines of tracks like "Breathe" and "I Can Feel You" recall the bleak balladry of classic Bristol trip-hop from Massive Attack and Portishead. And in the solo piano piece "Tabitha, Mummy and Me" are echoes of Laura Nyro, never a regrettable thing. 

Download: Never Be Another; Shades of Grey; Only You