Album: Diagrams, Black Light (Full Time Hobby)

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Diagrams is the latest vehicle for Sam Genders, once co-frontman of electro-folkies Tunng, so it's not surprising to find clear echoes of his former band on Black Light, notably in his familiar, downbeat northern inflections, and the still-flickering interest in animist fable discernible in tracks like "Antelope" and "Animals".

The musical style Genders and co-producer Mark Brydon have devised for the album is like stiff 1980s white-boy indie-funk, appropriate for the fascination with geometry, environment and emotion in songs such as "Tall Buildings" and "Mills", tempered in places with quirky rhythms and intriguing, ambitious horn and vocal arrangements that bring to mind Sufjan Stevens. A bold and inventive album, if a touch schematic at times.

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