Album: Diva, The Glitter End (Critical Heights)

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The LA indie queen Diva Dompé displays a "kooky" avant-gardism on her solo debut: she's like a MIA minus the rhythm and politics.

For the 11 pieces that comprise The Glitter End, she yokes meandering organ and synth parts to a quiet clutter of stumbling percussion, occasionally humming over the top in a way which prevents easy comprehension of her lyrics, while leaving one assured that comprehension probably wouldn't make that much difference. Tracks like "Twilight in Inquanok" and "Spinning Vines" sound like music made by someone barely in control of their instruments, unable to sync delays and tempos, applying fuzz and vibrato effects randomly; or if we're being charitable, like Sun Ra on a bad day. But there's an odd, beguiling charm lurking beneath "Hold Me Again" and "Glow Worm".

DOWNLOAD THIS: Hold Me Again; Glow Worm