Album: Does It Offend You, Yeah?, You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into (Virgin)

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The surf-punk of "Attack of the 60ft Lesbian Octopus" is dance-guitar music, while the cowbell and the vocal yelps of ex-DFA 1979 member Sebastian Grainger on "Let's Make Out" mean it holds its own against the best of LCD Soundsystem's indie-electro. But the rest of the first album by the Reading-based new ravers DIOY,Y? is split into roughly equal parts scuzzy electro stompers and poppy guitar songs, and doesn't fuse the two inclinations successfully. Still, whichever end of the synth-guitar spectrum your preferences lie, there's at least half a good album here.

Download this: The sweet-talking punk-funk single 'Let's Make Out'