Album: Donovan, Sunshine Superman Stereo Special Edition (EMI)

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Widely regarded at the time as a mere Dylan copyist, Donovan was rarely given due credit for his innovative work in the late 1960s, each hit seeming to confirm his supposed betrayal.

That situation was not helped by the fact that business disputes held up the release of Sunshine Superman, his landmark chamber-folk album, for over a year following its recording in late 1965/early 1966 – which means that although it appeared after them, it actually pre-dated such comparably ambitious works as Revolver and Pet Sounds. Reissued here, with a wealth of bonus material, it's as powerfully evocative of its era as "Breezes of Patchuli", with psych-rockers such as the title-track balanced by mythic poesie like "Guinevere" and sitar-laced hippie whimsy like "The Fat Angel".

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