Album: Drenge, Drenge (Infectious)

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Derbyshire garage-blues band Drenge made national headlines recently when Labour's then election co-ordinator Tom Watson somewhat bizarrely cited them in his open resignation letter to Ed Miliband, recommending them as "awesome" in his sign-off sentence.

Drenge – it's Danish for "boys" – are the duo of Rory and Eoin, two early twentysomething brothers with the almost too perfect surname of Loveless. Their self-titled debut, aptly enough, is one of the most bitterly anti-romantic albums this side of the third PiL offering. It's a record whose opening track is called "People in Love Make Me Feel Yuck", and whose farewell words are: "I don't give a fuck about people in love. They don't piss me off. They just make me give up."

Their bracingly cynical worldview, reinforced by rough-edged, piledriving riffs pitched somewhere between Death From Above 1979 and early Nirvana, is literally red in tooth and claw: Drenge is littered with references to bloodsports, dead birds and broken teeth, calls its listeners "morons" and threatens to "break you in half".

When the Loveless brothers look out of their windows, one imagines they don't see the Peak District. They see the Trough District.