Album: Eminem Bad Meets Evil: Hell the Sequel (Shady/Interscope)

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Arriving unheralded by even the merest hint of advance notification, Hell the Sequel represents the belated reunion of Eminem and Royce Da 5' 9", an 11-track EP that outlasts many an album.

Although it must be admitted that the range of subject matter could be adequately covered on an EP, being effectively a twin-barrel tirade of misogyny, misanthropy, medication anthems, tall tales and routine braggadocio, set to sinister beats. Eminem, self-proclaimed "Dick Dastardly of audacity", has the most notable coinages, his streams-of-consciousness studded with Tourette's-like swearing and his usual outrageous gags at the expense of divas like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Best of all is "A Kiss", in which the gentlemen demur at romantic affection: "You say companionship, I say abandon ship". What a couple of charmers.

DOWNLOAD THIS: A Kiss; Welcome 2 Hell; I'm on Everything