Album: Faust, Something Dirty (Bureau B)

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Faust's core duo of bassist Jean-Hervé Péron and drummer Zappi Diermaier are joined here by Geraldine Swayne and Gallon Drunk frontman James Johnstone, both wrestling sounds from a variety of stringed and keyed devices.

"Tell the Bitch to Go Home" is a fine opener, its descending distorted organ riff powered by Zappi's minimal clangour, while synth noises eat into the track like rust. By contrast, "Herbststimmung" offers a glimpse of Faust's more melodic side, the poignant cyclical shimmer of some stringed device being gradually refracted into ragged tatters. There's plenty of typically brutalist avant-rock riffing in tracks like "Dampfauslass 1 & 2", while Swayne's occasional vocal adds an unexpected sultry touch to some tracks. It's their most cohesive album in some time.

DOWNLOAD THIS Herbststimmung; La Sole Dorée 2; Tell the Bitch to Go Home