Album: Gogol Bordello, Trans-Continental Hustle (American)

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Since 2007's Super Taranta!, Gogol Bordello's leader, Eugene Hutz, has been resident in Brazil, so it's no surprise to find the openness that previously welcomed elements of reggae, mariachi and tarantella into their gypsy-punk now channelling Brazilian influences: the title of "Uma Menina" echoes the Os Mutantes classic "A Minha Menina", while "In the Meantime in Pernambuco" is an angry rant couched in the local parlance of gringos and spirit guides.

But the band's core Balkan heart is always present in the rumbustious polka-rock of songs such as "Pala Tute" – celebrating music's international aphrodisiac qualities – and the urgent rush of "Immigraniada", which namechecks Kafka in its depiction of immigrants' struggles with bureaucratic authority.

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