Album: Golden Animals, Free Your Mind and Win a Pony (Happy Parts)

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Album title of the year, clearly. But what's the music like? While they recorded 'Pony', guitarist Tommy Eisner and drummer Linda Beecroft went out into the California desert to live in complete isolation with nowt but a set of Doors albums for company.

And that's what it sounds like: psychedelic blues-rock, long on reverb and chugga-lugga drum/ guitar rhythms played by the light of a baritone moon. And if your sensors are picking up a hint of White Stripes in all this, then you're forgiven. If this were 1967, you'd be hailing the Animals as the latest happening thing: as it is, they're a bit late happening.

Pick of the Album: 'The Steady Roller': chugga-lugga boom whoaaaah-yeah