Album: Graffiti, 6 Colours, N W Free Music

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Graffiti 6 is the vocalist Jamie Scott and producer Tommy D, a new soul duo from London whose assured debut album sparkles with invention and throbs with emotion.

They're probably best known for the singles "Annie You Save Me" and "Stare Into the Sun", the latter a Gnarls Barkley-esque blend of characterful voice and crisp, intricate groove created from an infectious alliance of electric piano and offbeat guitar; but they're equally adept at the slower, more haunted love plaint "This Man", which resembles Seal crossed with Tricky, capped with a climactic guitar solo akin to Traffic's "Dear Mr Fantasy". The emphatic tambourine groove "Free", with its organ and falsetto vocal, the galloping stomper "Stone in My Heart" and the gently cajoling "Lay Me Down" are further standouts on an album that, come December, will be on many Year's Best lists.

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