Album: Gruff Rhys vs Tony Da Gatorra, The Terror of Cosmic Loneliness (Turnstile)

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Tony Da Gatorra is a Brazilian TV repairman/inventor/ musician/peace warrior best known for his invention of the "gatorra", a sickle-shaped instrument combining elements of drum machine and synthesiser, which lends itself readily to the sort of extemporised garage-rock improvisations undertaken here with Super Furry Animal Gruff Rhys.

This is transcontinental techno-primitive territory, with Rhys's waspish, distorted guitar riffs combining and colliding with Gatorra's angry, synthetic plod-beats, the pair taking turns on vocals. Gatorra's lyrics are peacenik diatribes, while Rhys's are characteristically more inclined towards an absurdist take on such iniquities. It's rare these days to hear rock music of such unmediated spontaneity.

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