Album: Hadouken!, Music for an Accelerated Culture (Surface Noise)

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The Independent Culture

They may come from Leeds, but Hadouken!, on the face of it, are the most Hoxtonite band imaginable: as much as the press release rubbishes the "new rave" and "grindie" tags, with their mix of early Nineties 'ardcore synth riffs and wound-up white-boy rapping over the top that's exactly what they are.

And it's often quite exhilarating. 'Music for an Accelerated Culture' couldn't be more zeitgeisty if it tried. The existential elegance of "Declaration of War" and the Bowie-via-Kasabian stomp of "Mister Misfortune" show an unexpected versatility, and "Driving Nowhere" is oddly romantic, and dare I say, even new romantic.

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