Album: Hot Chip, In Our Heads (Domino)


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There's a shameless populism about Hot Chip on this Domino debut, bluntly conceded in the sentiment "I like Zapp, not Zappa", and the Scissor Sister-ish falsetto-disco of the track from which it derives, "Night And Day".

How shameless? Well, enough to use a Van Halen-esque "Jump"-style synth vamp in "Don't Deny You Heart". But for all that, this is such an improvement on 2010's enervated One Life Stand that one can only conclude their various sabbatical projects have rejuvenated their creative juices: the sleek lines and itchily infectious drive of tracks like "Motion Sickness" and "These Chains" are as good as anything they've done.

Download: Motion Sickness; These Chains; Night and Day