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All Rise, LOOSE
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Inara George is the latest beneficiary/victim of rock's dynastic urge, though at least she sought out other options - notably acting - before following in the footsteps of her late father Lowell George, songwriter and slide-guitarist with the seminal Seventies country-funk synthesists Little Feat. Having succumbed, it's as if a dam has been breached, as she readies no fewer than four albums for release over the next year, with this solo debut followed by those of band projects George Is Jones and The Bird and The Bee, and then the follow-up to All Rise. It must be admitted that George is probably the most obviously gifted of such offspring since Jeff Buckley, blessed with vocal timbre and phrasing akin to Jolie Holland, and a sharp songwriter's eye that recalls Joni Mitchell, cutting down a would-be suitor with the line: "If I was you, I wouldn't talk, just keep dancing." With the jazz-tinged, sophisto-folk settings creating an air of languid uncertainty, the result is one of the more beguiling singer-songwriter albums of recent months.

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