Album: Indian Jewelry, Free Gold (We Are Free)

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For a bunch of wayward hippies there is something completely savage, hypnotic and nocturnal about the psychedelic rumbles of this Houston, Texas-based ensemble.

Opening track "Swans", with its earthy, warm tones, creates a serene soundscape for an album that is quickly submerged by a desolate mardiness, as can be heard on "Seasonal Economy". "Pompeii" drones and jingles with a Velvet Underground verve, while the sludge and fuzz guitars and muffled drums of "Too Much Honkytonking" never fail to give you the heebie-jeebies. A certain treat for noise fans in the shoegaze vein.

Pick of the Album: Not one for the faint of heart: 'Too Much Honkytonking'