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Last Man Standing, ARTFUL
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And talking of legendary wild men of rock... As regards risky career moves, being a client (or girlfriend) of Phil Spector is probably only rivalled by hanging out with the notoriously unreliable Jerry Lee Lewis. Also like Spector, Jerry Lee's not worked overmuch recently, though at least his septuagenarian services remain in demand - as evidence of which, check the guest-list of this collection of new duets, in which Mick, Keef, Rod, Bruce and Willie jostle for space with Neil, Eric, BB, Buddy and Ringo. And, er, Kid Rock. Even Jerry Lee's closest rival as piano-pumping pioneer rocker, Little Richard, shows up on "I Saw Her Standing There". As with all such exercises, Last Man Standing is a curate's egg, with splendid, well-suited rave-ups like Springsteen's swaggering "Pink Cadillac", Jimmy Page's "Rock And Roll" and John Fogerty's "Travelin' Band" more than counterbalanced by lazy, time-serving tosh like Rod's "What's Made Milwaukee Famous" and the aforementioned Kid Rock's destruction of "Honky Tonk Woman". A prime case for judicious filleting.

DOWNLOAD THIS: 'Pink Cadillac', 'Travelin' Band', 'Rock And Roll', 'You Don't Have To Go'