Album: Jesca Hoop, The House That Jack Built (Jesca Hoop Curu)


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"Dig it out of the basement, out of the discard and onto the record player," sings Jesca Hoop on "Dig This Record", one of several delightful curiosities on The House That Jack Built.

The songs' serpentine melodies, complex lyrics and darkly textured arrangements, which never sacrifice pop appeal, recall Heather Nova, early Sinead – even Kate Bush in the burst of Bulgarian-style polphony that caps opener "Born To". Elsewhere, treated drums and de-tuned twangs build a swirling middle-eastern perfume around the erotic inveiglements of "Peacemaker", while "Hospital (Win Your Love)" blends chipper pop charm with the eccentric observation that "there's nothing like a broken arm to win your love". Imaginative and innovative in equal measure.

Download: Peacemaker; Hospital (Win Your Love); Born To