Album: Jimmy Webb, Just Across the River (E1 Music/RSK Entertainment)

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The aim with the duets retrospective Just Across The River is to emphasise Webb's contribution to the Americana traditions of folk and country, which means the voluptuous cabaret pleasures of "McArthur Park" and "Up, Up And Away" are sacrificed in favour of the rustic mythopoeicising of "The Highwayman" and "Oklahoma Nights", the latter tinted with pedal steel and speckled with banjo; along with a nod to the Sixties' singer-songwriter tradition in the form of Webb and Jackson Browne's duetting on "P.F. Sloan", a tribute to the man who wrote "Eve Of Destruction".

Thankfully, there's still room for the likes of "Wichita Lineman" (with Billy Joel) and "By The Time I Get To Phoenix", on which the hint of frailty in Glen Campbell's voice lends it greater poignancy.

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