Album: Jodie Marie, Mountain Echo (Verve)


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It's interesting how many of today's brighter young talents, from Laura Marling to Duffy, have been reared not on the conveyor-belt exercises of stage school, but on more individually fulfilling engagement with the outré influences of older generations. J

Jodie Marie's debut album, for instance, is suffused with the sublime folk-jazz strains of late-Sixties singer-songwriters. With her delivery tacking impressively between sweet and smoky, "On the Road" recalls what happened when the Kind of Blue influence hit the likes of Tim Buckley and Tim Hardin, while "Single Blank Canvas" could be a Fred Neil outtake. Elsewhere, the subtly elegant soul vocal tints applied to the charming hippie fantasies of "Dandelion Wishes" and "Like a Runaway" powerfully evoke the sound and spirit of Jackie DeShannon.

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