Album: Kalli, Last Train Home (One Little Indian)

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The lure of Laurel Canyon stretches far and wide – to Iceland in Karl "Kalli" Henry's case, though he actually travelled to Nashville to record Last Train Home, surmising that top sessioners like Buddy Spicher, Hargus "Pig" Robbins and "Gentleman" Lloyd Green were best equipped to realise his country-rock dream.

He was right: Green's pedal-steel oozes like sweet cream over Kalli's lilting delivery and mellifluous harmonies on "Nothing At All" and "Laurel Canyon", where he paints himself as "a Californian, comin' home, to your sunny days and my home-grown". Indeed, many of these songs dwell on home and family, and by extension gentler times, evoked in a fireside glow of twinkling guitars and occasional haunted harmonica. The Eagles would be proud.

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