Album: Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis (Sunday Best)

It's not all happy days with these young, hip rockabillies
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Live, the Durham siblings play 1950s rock'n'roll covers with such youthful enthusiasm that it's easy to see why, before releasing their debut LP, the photogenic trio are equally at home on the pages of 'Vogue' and the sound stages of 'Blue Peter'.

After spending years re-creating Sun Studios in their north London home, it's sad to report that the very thing that makes Kitty, Daisy and Lewis so fresh live is what holds them back on record. From the opener "Going Up the Country", lead vocals – particularly when they are delivered by Kitty, 17 – tend towards the Chachi and Joanie where they should be pure Fonzerelli. With the three swapping instruments and vocal duties at will, some songs fare better than others: "Mohair Sam" swings with purpose and the Lewis-penned "Buggin' Blues" points a way forward without resorting to back catalogue. Played loud, the band's stated main objective ("to capture the energy of our live shows") is undoubtedly achieved, but future albums (when the youthful gimmick will have worn off) will need a little more attention to detail to stop this charming act becoming nothing more than a musical museum piece.

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