Album: Klashnekoff, Back to the Sagas (Abstract Urban)

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Two or three years away from the game is an eternity in the rapidly changing UK rap scene, but Klashnekoff storms back in formidable form on Back to the Sagas, outlining in the title-track, "Music Game" and "Soon Come" some of the reasons for his absence, a litany of disillusion with previous labels and business associates that sent him back to first principles.

Klash's version of "keeping it real" means rooting his raps in the personal experiences of family and friends – some in jail, some on drugs, some prematurely struck down by illness – which form a painful backdrop against which he can try to find a path to "walk with the weight of the world on my shoulder". Not an easy task, when all around him he sees wrongdoing, from the mad gang kids depicted in "Klash Anthem" to the corrupt politicians excoriated in "Paper Up".

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