Album: Kristina Train, Dark Black (Mercury)


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Once positioned as Blue Note's heiress to Norah Jones's crown, Kristina Train occupies a much more flexible position on this second album, most of which has been co-written and produced by Martin Craft with little of the overt jazz duties that marked her debut.

Instead, Dark Black effects a blend of sepia-toned soul with echoes of Rumer and Dusty, a touch of the synthetic charm of Lana Del Rey and, on the standout title-track, the idealised iconic pop chanteuses beloved of David Lynch. The songs proceed at a leisurely pace, with fatalistically descending synth-pad chord-sequences tinted occasionally with Chris Isaak-esque tremelo twang, wispily rhapsodic violin or bowed saw. The result is an engaging, softly sensuous air of desolation, emotion recollected in tranquility.

Download: Dark Black; Saturdays Are The Greatest; Stick Together