Album: Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell present Kort, Invariable Heartache (City Slang)

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Invariable Heartache offers a selection of little-known songs from the back catalogue of now defunct Nashville label Chart Records, which in the Sixties and Seventies was run by Cortney Tidwell's grandfather Slim Williamson.

She and Lambchop leader Kurt Wagner have discovered such gems as Eyes Look Away ("...till she passes by/make believe there's someone else you'd rather see") and April's Fool ("My life without April is like the next year without spring"), obscurities redeemed by their fidelity to the ingenuous manner of country music. Wagner's hesitant delivery is poignantly underscored by Tidwell's more emotive phrasing, while the arrangements of neat picking and weeping fiddle are applied with customary understatement.

DOWNLOAD THIS Eyes Look Away; A Special Day; April's Fool; I Can't Sleep With You