Album: Lazarus and the Plane Crash, Horseplay (Antique Beat)


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In their determination to go out on any limb, regardless of taste or safety, Lazarus and the Plane Crash – a collaboration between Guillotines singer Joe Coles and Stephen Coates, grey eminence behind The Real Tuesday Weld – display the kind of risk-taking absent from The Maccabees' album.

Coates stitches together jazz samples, wailing bluesharp, wheezing squeezebox and scarified guitar, while Coles leaps in with off-the-cuff vocals that test the boundaries of propriety, delivered in a snarling croak akin to Tom Waits. It's the id-monster having a party, coming on outrageously to anything that walks, with no mind for civility and a healthy regard for mortality: "This fleshy cage, it's all the rage/ You dance around for a bit, then they chuck you in an earthy pit."

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