Album: LCD Soundsystem, This Is Happening (DFA/Parlophone)

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With This Is Happening, James Murphy builds on the method and sound of 2007's Sound Of Silver without appearing to develop it in new directions.

He's still clearly in thrall to his glam/punk/Krautrock/minimalist influences – both "Drunk Girls" and "All I Want" start out like Bowie, and end up like Neu! in full motorik momentum – and still searching for a distinctive vocal style of his own. There are some hugely enjoyable moments, particularly the transformation of opener "Dance Yourself Clean" from simple cowbell beat, toytown organ figure and wan vocal into a dirty fuzz-synth rant. Murphy's waspish lyrical approach is given free rein on "Drunk Girls", the all-purpose pop-star complaint "Hit", and the observation from "Dance Yourself Clean" that someone's "talking like a jerk – except you are an actual jerk".

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