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Adieu False Heart, VANGUARD
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With forays into pop, folk, country, jazz, mariachi, Latin music, Mexican canciones, MOR standards, lullabies, ballad duets with Aaron Neville, and the inevitable Christmas album, Linda Ronstadt has proven herself the most protean singer in American popular music. This second outing with cajun singer Ann Savoy as The Zozo Sisters is simply delightful, their lustrous harmonies illuminating a winning blend of jaunty cajun waltzes with judiciously selected folk and country songs by the likes of Fifties US folkie pioneer John Jacob Niles (whose "Go Away From My Window", clearly inspired Dylan's "It Ain't Me Babe"), and Bill Monroe, whose "The One I Love Is Gone" puts the blues into bluegrass. Best of all is the sensitive and moving treatment accorded Richard Thompson's "King Of Bohemia", a tribute to a social outcast on the skids. Less successful is their version of "Walk Away Renee" - too solemn by half.

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