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Short for Lucky Pierre (the name given to the middle member of a gay threesome sandwich, apparently), L Pierre is the pseudonym employed by former Arab Strap singer Aidan Moffat for his instrumental side-project. Dip is a dreamlike, contemplative album whose watery theme is heralded by the waves that open "Gullsong" before trumpet, strings and a squeezebox flesh it out. It's followed by almost 12 minutes of "Weir's Way", a static mood-piece with tints of banjo and shimmering strings that float on its gently lapping rhythm, with a droning trumpet adding a touch of misplaced hope. "Ache" layers lachrymose cello and string samples over two Satie-esque piano chords; "Hike" uses string loops synched like a round, over a primitive, fizzing drum-machine. The most satisfying piece is "Drift", whose reflective piano figure and streaks of trumpet surf a bed of vinyl hiss and crackle while further waves of rippling piano are added, along with a high organ pad evocative of sunrise. It's all a long way from the sleazy social anatomy of Arab Strap, and all the better for it.

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