Album: Lykke Li, Youth Novels (LL Recordings)

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If Scandinavia is ever going to stop turning out pristine pop music, it doesn't show signs of doing it any time soon. Lykke Li is a 22-year-old from Stockholm who, with the help of producer Bjorn Yttling (of Peter, Bjorn and John), has made a debut album of filigree delicacy and effortless airiness.

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When she sings, Lykke recalls Björk at her least screechy and Saint Etienne at their most reflective, but on the spoken word-interludes "Melodies & Desires" and "This Trumpet in My Head", she combines the sense of wonder of Jarvis Cocker with the tear-choked restraint of The Shangri-Las. Another quality consignment of delicious Scandipop.

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