Album: Mama Rosin Bye Bye Bayou Moi J'Connais bbbb


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Young Cajun garage-rockers Mama Rosin have found their perfect producer in Jon Spencer: an alliance of primitivist spirits keen to keep a roots music-form out of the museum, much as with Spencer's earlier work with bluesman RL Burnside.

 Tracks like "Marilou" and "Sorry Ti Monde" are awash in pumping accordion and splashy cymbals, chased by what sounds like the wailing of ghostly banshees. But it's a pliable, adaptable sound: with its banjo and guitar, "Seco E Molhado" has a rolling, Western groove, while "Mama Don't" occupies psycho-blues territory so familiar to Spencer. The songs cover a broad range, from the BP oil-spill disaster to tributes to Leonard Cohen and, less explicably, Wivenhoe in Essex.

Download: Marilou; Sorry Ti Monde; Paraît Qu'y A Pas l'Temps; Mama Don't