Album: Mark Stewart, Edit (Crippled dick hot wax!)

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For an artist regarded as cutting-edge, Mark Stewart's artistic vision has remained consistent – some might say static – since his emergence three decades ago with Bristol punk revolutionaries The Pop Group. Ideologically, the distance between "We Are All Prostitutes" and "Money is your new pornography" (from Edit's "Almost Human") is barely measurable, and stylistic differences are primarily technical.

These sonic maelstroms may more accurately evoke his dystopian beliefs, but one can't help thinking that a simpler expression might be more effective. Edit's targets range from the "soul traders, slave drivers" of "Strange Cargo" and the "low life in high places" of "The Puppet Master" to the occupants of "coma town" living in "Secret Suburbia" – all too familiar. Not a bad album of its kind, but hardly one to "tear off the mask of civilisation".

Pick of the album:'Secret Suburbia', 'Loner', 'Strange Cargo'