Album: Mitty Collier, Shades of Mitty Collier – the Chess Singles (Kent Soul)

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"I Had a Talk with My Man Last Night" on Chicago's Chess label from 1964 is one of Deep Soul's most immortal songs, with Riley Hammond's melancholy French horn and lush string arrangements contrasting with Collier's gritty vocal.

And here it is again, together with the rest of her 15 Chess A-sides and selected B-sides. The faultless gatekeepers of the Kent label appear to have let through cheesy stereo mixes and the same wavery-speed opening to her most famous song as one hears on cheapo compilations, but these are quibbles. Collier is an unsung great.

Pick of the Album: 'No Faith, No Love', by the same writers as 'I Had a Talk'