Album: Moby, Destroyed (Little Idiot)

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A supposed "soundtrack for empty cities at 2am", Destroyed was recorded by Moby while touring, and has an appropriately unrooted feel, full of spooked solitude.

It's his usual blend of gentle techno nudges, treated vocal murmurs, quietly pumping beats and indeterminately soulful female moans. There's a deep emotional presence lurking behind the dancefloor utility, and the chord sequences of tracks like "Sevastopol" and "After" are primed for subtler but more lasting impact. "Stella Maris" is a poignant collusion of strings and electronic "voice", while "The Violent Bear It Away" features a Ludovico Einaudi-style piano figure and strings infused with the kind of synthetic uplift of Coldplay. It's a soothing, chillsome experience, though some tracks do strangle themselves in repetitive accretions.

DOWNLOAD THIS The Broken Places; Sevastopol; After; Stella Maris