Album: Moby, Last Night (Mute)

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Having seen his popularity dwindle since the unexpected 10-million sales bonanza of Play, Moby abandons the real-instruments-in-real-time experiment of 2005's Hotel for more old-school disco.

Presented as a paean to New York's dance culture, Last Night is meant to encapsulate the arc of eight hours' club-hopping in the city. What we get is lots of Italian house-style piano vamps and stomp-beats in tracks like "I Love to Move in Here" and "Everyday It's 1989", plus ticking hi-hats, pulsing synths and smears of string pads, fronted by an array of fairly anonymous singers and a couple of rappers. It's OK, if uninspiring – can a night out in New York really be this dull? – and while the end of the arc, particularly the chill-out of "Sweet Apocalypse", is better, the best track is the bonus "Lucy Vida", a beat-free exercise sounding like a cross between Miles and Eno.

Pick of the album: 'Lucy Vida', 'Sweet Apocalypse', 'I Love to Move in Here'