Album: Morcheeba, Blood Like Lemonade (Pias)

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Reunited again with original vocalist Skye Edwards, Morcheeba's Paul and Ross Godfrey have managed to re-locate the band's classic trip-hop chill-out vibe without sacrificing the growing eclecticism of albums like Charango and Dive Deep.

Thus are the oozing down-tempo grooves laced together with delicate threads of slide guitar, sitar, thumb-piano and harmonica, with folk and country flavours spicing "I Am the Spring". Meanwhile, Skye's gently soulful delivery brings to life a series of quirky vignettes, ranging from the vampiric bounty-hunter of the title-track, exacting gory revenge on villains, through the astronaut ruminations of "Even Though" and the Viking explorers of "Beat of the Drum", to the middle-class murder of "Recipe for Disaster",

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