Album: Mt. Desolation, Mt. Desolation (Island)

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Keane's Tim Rice-Oxley has shown a commendable desire to break new ground in recent months, with the African and Japanese elements of Night Train now followed by this debut album from the country-rock project he's hatched with Jesse Quin and members of The Killers, Mumford & Sons and Noah And The Whale.

It's a melancholy affair, with recurrent mentions of Mount Desolation – more a state of mind than a landmark – and an aching sense of wanderlust underscoring the songs. Bridal Gown bleeds with unrequited love, while Annie Ford starts out as a hitchhiker tale before moving swiftly through a Springsteen-esque tableau of disenchantment. Others are less convincing, with Midnight Ghost seeking Americana authenticity through multi-state travelogue. But it's a warm and wistful journey for the most part.

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