Album: Neil Cowley Trio, Loud Louder Stop (Cake)

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The most exciting pianist to emerge for an age, or Russ Conway for the techno generation? Cowley's follow-up to debut 'Displaced' begins with a debt to B.

Bumble and the Stingers, "His Nibs" making a mighty racket from cod-Rach pianism, a catchy tune and frantic tempo. There's more drollery in the other nine self-penned tracks, even a spot of music-hall. But while his references can be guessed more easily this time round, what makes Cowley worth following is his playful disregard for boundaries of genre and good taste matched with the pulsating power and beauty of a trio at full tilt.

Pick of the Album: 'His Nibs': catchy melody and madcap BPM