Album: NEU!, Box Set (Gronland)

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Tipping the scales at around 3kg, this is one of the heavier box sets around, despite containing just five albums.

Such is vinyl's weighty superiority over flimsy CD, with the Krautrock legends' three official releases – Neu!, Neu! 2 and Neu! 75 – accompanied here by the recent Neu! 86 collection of reunion rarities and a 20-minute live EP, Neu! '72, containing three jams that confirm how the duo usually gravitated towards the same motorik groove, whatever the starting-point. Also included are a 36-page book, a stencil of the band logo, and a T-shirt – which you might think not much of a return for an asking price of between £120 and £180. But this is some of the most significant music in recent rock history, and while you can probably get the three essential albums on CD for around £25, this is the only way to get them in all their vinyl glory.

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