Album: Olly Murs Right Place Right Time (Epic/Syco)


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Olly Murs claims to want to grow musically with each album, but any perceived development here beyond last year's In Case You Didn't Know is minutely incremental rather than an ambitious overhaul of his approach.

There's a Shakira-esque Latino touch to the riff of the single "Troublemaker", but for the most part elsewhere it's fairly standard disco-pop fare. The best songs are those co-written with Ed Drewett: the demotic narrative of "What a Buzz" is brightened by perky horns and whistling, while the anthemic "Dear Darlin'" employs strings and chimes to deepen the emotion of its epistolary melancholy. But too much of the album is drably formulaic, a series of gambits shuffled into passable shapes rather than memorable songs.

Download: Troublemaker; Dear Darlin'; What a Buzz