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Impeach My Bush, XL
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Peaches is like Courtney Love's naughtier little sister, the kind of girl who didn't wait for you to show her yours before she showed you hers. The question, though, is whether she has anything else to show. For all its emphasis on graphic sexuality, there's nothing here with quite the impact of her breakthrough single of a few years back, "Fuck The Pain Away", which at least hinted at psychological depth. By contrast, lines like "Be my Moog and I'll twiddle your knob / Be my corn and I'll nibble your cob" just sound... well, corny. The predatory female appraising a potential partner in "Tent in Your Pants" offers a gender-switched version of the sexual objectivisation so common in hip-hop, while the sex/politics conflict of "Fuck or Kill" - from whence derives the album title - pastes a sly, ironic smile on to the old notion of sex as a revolutionary act. Elsewhere, it's more of the same, with brittle electro beats, primitive keyboard figures and the odd punk riff, as she ticks off the sexual variations: group/gay sex ("Two Guys For Every Girl"), oral sex ("Downtown"), foreplay ("Rock The Shaker") S&M ("You Love It"), and so on, in graphic tedium.

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