Album: Pete Molinari, A Virtual Landslide (Damaged Goods)

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It is an immutable law of pop that for every Elvis there must be a Cliff, for every Oasis an Embrace. Which brings us to Pete Molinari, a challenger to Gillian Welch's anachronistic-country-blues crown from, of all places, Kent.

As 'A Virtual Landslide' opens and that androgynous voice (think Bob, Billie and Patsy rolled into one) blasts out, it is instantly clear that here is a young man with an uncanny gift. But before long, the early Dylan references get too much and the initial shock proves impossible to sustain. Perfect in places, though, and more Amy than Duffy, should you wish to apply that immutable law.

Pick of the Album: The "Sun Sessions" sound of 'I Came Out of the Wilderness'

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