Album: Pink Floyd, The Wall: Immersion Edition (EMI)


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The latest, and last, of the Floyd's exhaustive reissue packages includes, alongside the remastered album and two live CDs from 1980-81, two "Works in Progress" discs charting the project's development virtually from the first twinkling in Roger Waters' eye.

These are arranged as a series of programmes, the first compiling excerpts from demos, no more than a few seconds apiece, thus telescoping the double album into around 13 minutes. But the same terrain is gone over in gradually greater detail in five more sequences of band demos from successive stages of its development.

The impression is of someone picking obsessively at an emotional scab, which is effectively what The Wall is all about. But though apt, it adds little by way of illumination.


Download this: Another Brick in the Wall Pt 1, Band Demo; The Doctor (Comfortably Numb), Band Demo; Mother, Band Demo