Album: Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar Is, !K7
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Princess Superstar is Concetta Kirschner, a white female rapper from New York who's so sick and tired of being compared to Eminem that she's pre-empted the comparison here in a manner Marshall Mathers himself would appreciate, with an outrageously insulting slur on his sexuality that can't possibly be repeated in a family newspaper such as this. Nor, for that matter, can most of the other lyrics on Princess Superstar Is, which seems largely concerned with the pornographic intensity of her sexual desire, whether she's playing the role of the "Bad Babysitter" wielding the cucumber on your couch, or locking horns (so to speak) with the likes of Kool Keith and JZone on "Keith 'N Me" and "I Love You (Or At Least I Like You)" respectively, where her aggressive sexual overtures are more than a match for their tumescent gigolo boasts. As she claims in "Wet! Wet! Wet!" (mercifully, nothing to do with the Scots popsters), "I'm a cunning linguist twist words round my tongue". She may dislike being "the female Eminem", but it's hard to ignore the similarities: there's the same manic verbosity, the scattershot rhyming, the rapid-fire delivery, and the celebrity digs. And like MM, there's an undertow of dark humour to her raps. Ultimately, though, her incessant verbalising becomes as annoying as a mosquito whine, because despite the elegance of her putdowns and the erotic charge of her propositions, she doesn't really possess a vocal character as strong as her lyrical character.