Album: Rameau, La Pantomime - Sempé/Fortin, (Paradizo)

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If one harpsichord sounds like "two skeletons copulating on a tin roof", this is a veritable orgy.

Skip Sempé and Olivier Fortin's two-keyboard arrangements of 'La Coulicam', 'La Livri', 'La Forqueray', 'La Cupis', 'La Pantomime' and 'Air pour les Esclaves Africains' are so dazzlingly encrusted with decorations that they threaten to go OTT. A little brilliance goes a long way, and the elegant 'Allemande' and labyrinthine 'L'Enharmonique' offset the gaiety with welcome introspection.

Pick of the Album: The glitter and heft of two harpsichords in 'La Livri'