Album review: Amiina, The Lighthouse Project (Amínamúsík) bbbb


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Amiina’s The Lighthouse Project EP derives from a 2009 tour of unusual, confined performance spaces including the Dalatangaviti lighthouse, where the version of “Kola” included here was recorded – a sort of warped, fairytale waltz of celesta, glockenspiel and bowed saw.

The remaining tracks were re-recorded as close to those conditions as possible, exquisite baroque-pop arrangements of harps, strings, and tuned percussion. “Bíólagið” is a wistful nocturne of electric piano, accordion and theremin, while their version of “Leather And Lace” applies the unearthly tones of glass harp to Lee Hazlewood’s tune. The piece that best conveys the sense of confinement is “Hilli”, on which harp and thumb-piano pick out the melody.

Download: Perth; Hilli; Kola; Bíólagið